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Lawn Aeration Services in Matthews & Pineville, NC

Worms do it for you, but they can only do so much. When it comes to ensuring your commercial or residential lawn is properly aerated, you’ll need the expertise of a professional lawn care company. In Matthews, NC that is Scenic View Lawn Care.

For over 20 years we have provided professional and trustworthy lawn aeration throughout Matthews, NC and the surrounding areas that includes our core aeration for optimal lawn health.

To make sure your soil has access to air, water and other vital resources, aeration is necessary twice a year. This process also leaves nutrient-rich pellets on the surface of the soil, which will further condition your soil as it decomposes and reenters the topsoil.

During the aeration process, our machine will drive over your lawn and create perfectly spaced holes that will provide the roots of your lawn with the much-needed oxygen or “air” it requires. We will then seed and fertilized the areas to ensure the soil is less compact than before.

It is best to have aeration handled in the spring or fall, as it will allow water to get to the roots of your property’s grass for a strong root base.

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When you want your home or business’ lawn to be properly aerated and at its most healthy, we ask that you call upon our team at Scenic View Lawn Care for expert lawn aeration in Pineville, NC; Matthews, NC; Mint Hill, NC; Ballantyne, NC; and the surrounding areas. Reach out today at 704-516-2678 to get started.

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