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Scenic View does a fantastic job. It is great coming home from work and seeing my lawn perfectly mowed, trimmed, edged, and blown. It’s nice having someone you can count on to keep things looking nice at a reasonable cost. Added plus, they are nice people too! Thank you Scenic view!

Jacqueline H.

I have been a very happy customer of Scenic View for the last 4 years. Brad and his crew are always responsible and professional. Our home has been on the market for months and these guys have kept it looking postcard perfect. If I should need any extra work (like a tree limb that crashed in our yard 2 days before an open house) Brad took care of it. I highly recommend them.

John G.

Excellent Lawn care company! (Not sure where the low ratings come from or why they would score you like that) If you are looking for a great lawn care service, look no further! Brad is your guy! And a HUGE shout-out to Brad as he donated his time and skill and took care of a yard for a community family in need this week. Thanks for your generosity to this family.

Jennifer D.

Called for a quote, they called back in a reasonable manner. Scheduled a appointment in a timely manner and came on time! Couldn’t of asked for a more friendly crew, extremely nice and answered questions in a orderly fashion. Thanks again scenic I’ll definitely be coming back!

Matthew E.

Brad’s been doing our lawn for several years. They do a great job and are always up for special requests. It is so nice to have a nice green, freshly mowed and edged yard that WE didn’t have to do! Brad is honest, reliable and very easy to deal with.

Bootsie P.

Scenic View Lawn Care is awesome ! Brad has been doing Our lawn for 4 years and did our neighborhood common areas for two years. We had a kid that passed away this week that went to my kids school, the family needed lawn care and he went over there at 7 pm and cut their lawn. We offered to pay but he wouldn’t let us, other lawn companies that we spoke with and explained things still wanted to charge us. That speaks volumes….

I have been a customer of Scenic View Lawn Care for several years and highly recommend this company. Brad is dependable, knowledgeable, and an overall great guy. He does what he says he will do when he says he will do it and does it well. This is exceptional in this day and time. Thank you Brad!

Judy C.

Brad has been taking care of our commercial property for years. He does an incredible job, is always prompt and on time, takes initiative to do what needs to be done, and he is very honest and trustworthy. We are very fortunate to have found him to take care of our property.

Robin G.

Takes great care of my lawn. Extremely friendly and always exceeds expectations when it comes to caring for my lawn! My lawn looks phenomenal because of scenic view lawn care thank you so much!

Liquid Blue

Great landscapers! I have been completely impressed with their willingness to go the extra step to make sure I’m a satisfied customer. Highly recommend.

Danny S.

Brad has been working on our lawn for the last five years and I am confident to refer him and Scenic View to anyone looking for quality and affordable lawn maintenance. I am picky, very picky, about many things. I hate when someone says they are going to do something and doesn’t follow through. Brad has never done that. He sticks to his appointments, honoring your schedule. When you have a special request, he will go the extra mile to ensure you are accommodated. Give them a shot, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Chip P.

I have had Brad take care of a large lot for me for a few months now and he has done a great job. Our lot is not easy because the grassy areas are split up by small groves of trees and bushes, but Brad and Brennan are faithful in making sure that all the areas are cut and trimmed to perfection and they are a great help to us.

Forrest C.


James C.

Brad is concerned about doing the job right. Had him clear the leaves of the yard and he even picked the leaves out of the shrubs. Does a great lob cutting my grass and makes sure it is edged properly and debris blown off.

Ron D.

Brad and Brendan do a great job on my lawn. I appreciate Brad’s dependability and reasonable prices.

Dixie P.

I got very lucky when I hired Scenic View, they are dependable, reasonable, knowledgeable and hard-working. They discussed what I needed to do to get my yard back in shape and since I am a widow with 2 acres of land I needed the help. Since hiring them my yard looks GREAT and I look forward to a long relationship with the company plus they go above and beyond the call of duty!

Rachael H.

Scenic View has been taking care of my lawn for approximately 3 years and takes great pride in the job he does. They are honest, dependable and on time, but if not they will notify me of the delay and when to expect them. I am very happy and pleased with the high customer quality I receive.

Louise S.